Where is he now? Mark Spitz

Posted: February 4, 2013 by kelseyray in IU Men's Swimming

If you thought Bruce Jenner was the only Olympic athlete that today provided motivational speaking, think again.  Mark Spitz, known as the most notable athlete of all time, is not only a swimming champion and celebrity, but also a INDIANA HOOSIER forever.

His swimming career gained him fans much further than Indiana… He is known today world wide.  He stood apart from his competition and became one of the greatest living sports legends.

Mark Spitz has won more gold medals than any athlete in the Olympic history.  He set a world record for the most gold medals received during a single Olympic Games.  His record wasn’t broken until Michael Phelps in 2008.

If that’s not impressive enough, watch this clip.  He speaks at various events, and of course within the first thirty seconds gives a shout out to IU.

Spitz has set 33 world records.  At Indiana, he won eight individual NCAA titles.  He said that choosing Indiana University was “the biggest decision of my life and the best.”  During his time in Bloomington, he was known as Mark the Shark.  We can definitely see where that comes from.

Spitz at Indiana University

Spitz at Indiana University

It seems as if there is nothing this man can’t do.  He is literally talented in more ways than one.  He utilizes his devotion and enthusiasm inside and outside of the water.  Today, he continues to swim speak his way to the top.  A world-renown public speaker, Spitz is a hot commodity.


  • To keep up with Spitz more closely, follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/markspitzusa.
  • He can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/markspitzusafanpage.
  • His official website is http://www.markspitzusa.com/index.html.
Spitz’s accomplishments are well known to IU fans, along with everyone else.  The legacy of Mark Spitz and his impressive performances will always remain proud moments for Hoosier fans.
Added shout out to Spitz’s iconic  stache: As stated on his official website, Spitz is well-know for having an iconic mustache throughout the Olympics, during a time when most swimmers were clean shaven.  Now we know where the new mustache crave stemmed from.  Leave it to one of our best.

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