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Yes, there’s actually a reason for the skipping class and making bad decisions. I mean, it is college so most students don’t need one, but there is at least some motivation behind this crazy week.

Howdy Wilcox Jr. founded the the Little 500 cycling race in 1951 after the Indianapolis 500. Howdy’s father actually won the Indy 500 in 1919.

The Little 500, or just Little 5, consist of 200 laps around a quarter mile track. Between 4 riders, the teams race to complete 50 miles in the fastest time. There are only four rules:

  1. All riders must use the official Little 500 bike that is provided to them for that year. There can be no toe clips or grips, kick stands, water bottles, air pumps, untaped or unplugged handlebars, or any other add-on accessories.
  2. For the safety of all riders, hard helmets must be worn and buckled at all times, as well as biking gloves.
  3. Each team is required to complete 10 exchanges during the course of the race.
  4. At the 198th lap, all riders not on the lead lap will be asked to move to the back or exit the pack. This is done so that all teams in contention on their last 2 laps can make their attempt to win the race. Teams which do not comply with this rule are believed to be impeding the progress of another rider and will be given a 5- to 20-second penalty or even disqualification, depending on the severity of the violation.

The event has grown into a week long festivity you don’t want to miss. The women’s little 500 was added in 1988 and consists of only 100 laps, or 25 miles. Little 50, a running race, and other Alumni races have been added as well.

But with all that hard work and training, there comes a time for celebration. A lot of celebrating. Every year Bloomington hosts several concerts by some big names in mainstream music. The students and bars take in on themselves to host the rest of the celebrations.

Throughout the years, Little 500 has evolved from just the largest collegiate cycling races, to one of the largest collegiate events, period. It’s not just a day anymore. From the Sunday before to the Sunday after, saying “Little 5” refers to the entire week, not just race day.


Mark Cuban graduated from the IU Kelley School of Business in 1981, and has since been both broke, and a billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Cuban gets on First Take and completely rips apart Skip Bayless, calling him out on all of his antics.

It amazes me how a man as successful and intelligent as Cuban can make such a convincing argument that sheds light on the current state of sports media, and it doesn’t get nearly as much exposure and interest as it should.

Watch this video, and listen to the points Cuban makes. He talks about how generalities are now the norm in sports media. Skip, along with many sports writers, will make sweeping general statements such as LeBron James being under “excruciating pressure,” and teams like the Heat “wanting it more” than the Thunder.

These are all subtle points that we consume on a daily basis and don’t think to challenge. Take a second and think about statements like this. Who is Skip Bayless? Is he the Oklahoma City team psychologist? Writers and personalities like Bayless are killing credibility of sports journalists across the world. And Cuban flat out calls him out on it.

Tweet it, re-tweet it, post it. Get the word out there.

Skip must be stopped!

With all the hype surrounding the Harlem Shake lately, I have decided to put together some youtube highlights of recent dance crazes that have hit Indiana University.

We have all seen the Harvard Baseball teams rendition of Call Me Maybe, but have you seen IU’s version?

What about IU’s version of Psy’s Gangnam Style?

Most people have only seen Flash Mobs on YouTube; however, you may have seen one or two if you happen to be lurking around Ballentine Hall at 2:15.