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This weekend in Wisconsin, the Ladies took down the Badgers with ease.  The highlight of the day was Senior Leslie Hureau winning both No. 1 singles and doubles against Wisconsin.

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Leslie Hureau (Photo Courtesy of

Here are the final results from the meet.

Results No. 34 Indiana 7, Wisconsin 0


  1. Leslie Hureau (IND) def. Hannah Berner (WIS) 6-0, 6-1
  2. Katie Klycezk (IND) def. Lauren Chypyha (WIS) 6-4, 6-4
  3. Carolyn Chupa (IND) def. Anastasia Tripolskaya (WIS) 6-2, 6-1
  4. Alecia Kauss (IND) def. Lauren Burich (WIS) 6-2, 6-3
  5. Sophie Garre (IND) def. Katie Hoch (WIS) 6-1, 2-6, 1-0 (10-4)
  6. Jithmie Jayawickrema (IND) def. Pernilla Wohlstrom (WIS) 6-1, 6-0


  1. Leslie Hureau/ Carolyn Chupa (IND) def. Hannah Berner/Lauren Chypyha (WIS) 8-3
  2. Alecia Kauss/Shannon Murdy (IND) susp. Anastasia Tripolskaya/Katie Hoch (WIS) 6-3
  3. Sophie Garre/ Katie Klycezk (IND) def. Helen Rabot/Lauren Burich (WIS) 8-3

With the win this past weekend, IU clenches a winning conference record.  Their current Big Ten record in 6-3, but they will still face Illinois and Northwestern this weekend before the regular season comes to a close.

Next weekend (25-28th), the IU Hoosiers will be competing in the Big Ten Tournament hosted in BLOOMINGTON!  If you would like to see the match ups and find out more about the other teams, visit Big Ten Tournament Central on’s website here!

Sophie Garre (photo courtesy of:

Sophie Garre (photo courtesy of:


As the IU Women’s Golf season begins to come to a close, the girls can’t help but bring home a few more trophies!

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Photo Courtesy of:

This past weekend here in Bloomington the golf team won the Indiana Invitational by three strokes over Kansas.  Toledo, Eastern Michigan, and Ball State also competed this weekend.

The team wasn’t the only one to bring home a trophy, Elizabeth Tong received her third one of the season on Sunday. Tong also won titles this year at the IU Fall Kickoff and the Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown.  There were also many other notiable wins and accomplishments achieved this past weekend.  To view the whole story, click here.

This first video is Head Coach Wallman recapping the first day of the invitational, while the second one is day two recap along with Lauren Harling, the assistant coach.

If you would like to do some traveling this weekend, go see the women compete against Ohio State in Columbus, OH.

Michelle Gardner brought a new light to IU Softball Team.

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Photo courtesy of:

In her first four years as head coach, she has had 3 First Team Big – Ten players which is more than the 2001-2007 seasons combined!  She continues to bring a new attitude to this team as well as grabbing some wins along the way.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned the Penn State Series and how the team had done so far in the season.

The video posted below gives a current update which includes information about their series win over Penn State and there upcoming series here in Bloomington for the Crimson and Gold Cup.

To see the final outcome of this weekend’s games as well as future games, visit the full schedule here.

Volleyball Update

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Earlier this year, I did blog post on Sherry Dunbar and the IU Volleyball Team which is avaiable here.  Back then, the Fall season was over, so the video I posted was a little outdated.

Previously this week, Jeremy Grey met up with Coach Dunbar.  The following interview gives a recap of last weekend’s tournament in Kentucky as well as the upcoming tournament that is close to home.

If you would like to watch the girls this weekend at the Circle Center Tournament, you will not have to travel far.  They play their first game on Saturday at 9 am in Plainfield, IN.

Photo Courtesy of: replayphotos.con

Photo Courtesy of: replayphotos.con

The Spring Push

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As the last couple weeks of classes are finally upon us, the Softball team is just getting started.

The following video is a great recap of IU Softball so far in case you would like to catch up with the girls so far this season.

Currently, the series is 1-1 against Penn State. Hopefully our girls can win this afternoon to better there record to 19-20!  You can catch the girls taking on Purdue next weekend at our own Andy Mohr Field for a three game series.

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So you might ask what is the Harrow Cup? 

I asked the exact same question when I came across the’s article.

According to Harrow Sport’s website,

The Harrow Cup is a post-collegiate women’s field hockey tournament with a $10,000 winner takes all cash prize. Six teams will compete in the weekend long competition in Philadelphia, Pa.

This year will mark the inaugural year of the Harrow Cup.

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Photo courtesy of:

So the next question you might ask would be how does this fit in with Indiana University?


Well I sure don’t, but three Indiana University Women have been picked to participate in a National Team Camp.

According to, this Freshmen camp is for:

athletes with elite level potential and aspirations, but who have only one or perhaps two years of collegiate rowing experience. The goal is to expose the athlete to the National Team experience training two-three times per day, row in a variety of boat categories, learn technical and physiological basics, and train with athletes of a similar caliber. This team camp is for young athletes that have physiological potential and the desire to train for the National Team.

The article proceeds to talk about how this is the first time IU has had three girls chosen for this honor.  Freshman rowers Devory Dannemiller (Martinsville, Ind.) and Madison Treser (Waxford, Pa.), and sophomore coxswain Karly Kikkert (Chicago, Ill.) were the lucky ones chosen for the great opportunity to train with  the World Champions and Olympic gold medalists Anna (Mickelson) Cummins and Mary Whipple this summer.


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The Rowers just got back from their spring trip to Tampa.  The video below is Coach Peterson’s recap of the winter and what the upcoming spring holds.

If you would like to go see our Women in action, go a see them face Georgetown and Kansas this Saturday the 6th.

Practice Makes PERFECT!

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In light of tonight’s game, I thought this was a great look into how our boys are getting ready to take down the Orange from Washington, DC.

Tom Crean and our Hoosiers are set to take on the Syracuse Orange tonight at 9:45.

Lets hope this game is not as close as the game in 1987.

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Photo courtesy of:

The IU Women’s Team ended up in 11th place after the final day of competition in Indianapolis.

Coach Looze gives a final recap of the NCAA Championship.

Then Lidsey Vrooman talks about her amazing race in the 1650 where she ended up placing 3rd which is the highest any Hoosier has ever gotten.

The team as a whole did very well.  This is there 10th straight year placing in the top 15.

The following list was taken off of the webpage.  This just shows you how the IU Women’s Team did individually.

1,650 Freestyle

3. Lindsay Vrooman – 15:50.83 (All-American, New School Record)
22. Taylor O’Brien – 16:13.31

200 Backstroke

7. Brooklynn Snodgrass – 1:52.12 (All-American) (1:52.52 prelims)
21. Allie Day – 1:54.42
25. Cynthia Pammett – 1:55.05
28. Dorina Szekeres – 1:55.23
36. Justine Ress – 1:56.12

200 Breaststroke

25. Bronwyn Pasloski – 2:11.00 (Career Best)
36. Ashley Specht – 2:12.47

200 Butterfly

11. Brenna MacLean – 1:55.68 (Honorable Mention All-American; third-fastest time in school history) 1:55.60 (Career Best; second-fastest time in school history)
43. Haley Lips – 1:59.42

Platform Diving

3. Amy Cozad – 325.20 (All-American) (304.45 prelims)
17. Kate Hillman 257.90

400 Freestyle Relay

27. Sara DelayCynthia PammettSiri KristiansenStephanie Armstrong – 3:21.19

Congratulations to the Women’s Swim and Dive Team!

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Photo Courtesy of:

Coach Looze was very humble in the interview above when he talked about how he thought the IU Women’s Swim Team would do this season.

Looze was pleasantly surprised when his team started to finally come together.  The IU Swim team ended up being 5-4 with huge wins over Kentucky, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue and Louisville.  The girls also placed second in the Big Ten Tournament behind Minnesota.  IU has won 5 of the last 11 Big Ten Championships.

This weekend is the NCAA competition for the girls held in Indianapolis.  Eleven swimmers, 2 divers and three alternates are going to be representing Indiana University.  The teams hopes for its 6th top 10 finish this weekend.  Last year, they placed 13th.

The list below shows all the athletes who will be making the short trip to Indy.

Amy Cozad – Diving
Allie Day – 200 individual medley, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Kate Hillman – Diving
Haley Lips – 500 freestyle, 200 butterfly
Brenna MacLean – 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly
Taylor O’Brien – 500 freestyle, 1,650 freestyle
Cynthia Pammett – 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Bronwyn Pasloski – 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke
Justine Ress – 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Brooklynn Snodgrass – 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Ashley Specht – 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke
Dorina Szekeres – 200 individual medley, 400 individual medley, 200 backstroke
Lindsay Vrooman – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 1,650 freestyle
Sara Delay – Relay Alternate
Stephanie Armstrong – Relay Alternate
Siri Kristiansen – Relay Alternate

I wish all the swimmers and divers the best of luck this weekend… make us Hoosiers proud!

If you would like to go to Indianapolis or watch it on TV, visit this website for the most up to date information.