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Along with having a good reputation throughout Bloomington, specifically on campus, the Indiana University Men’s Soccer program leaves lasting impressions on aspiring soccer stars.

Every summer Todd Yeagley and the rest of the IU Soccer Staff hosts a soccer camp for boys between the ages of 10 and 19. The campers get to stay in the dorms and eat at the IU dining halls, getting a feel for college life.

The Indiana Soccer Camp develops players who come it at all levels of play and aim to increase their level of skill by the end of the camp. The players get a chance to train with the the best coaches at the collegiate level.

As a whole the soccer program reaches out to a broad audience, creating better soccer players at all ages and levels. Hopefully, a future Hoosier and professional are in the mix. For more information about the soccer program visit

Photo Courtesy of Indiana Soccer Camps

Photo Courtesy of Indiana Soccer Camps


Jerry Yeagley, Indiana Men’s Soccer Head Coach from 1973-2003, was not the only Yeagley to have an impact on the soccer program. His son, Todd Yeagley, played soccer for his father at IU and has now been the head coach for three years.Image

Todd played for his father at Indiana from 1991-1994. In each of his first three years, he earned second team All American and finally awarded his first team All American honors in his senior year. Although he never won a championship, his team made it to the championship game in 1994 against Virginia. 

Among playing with other junior national teams, Todd played for the U-20 national team and the national B team. As a player on the B national team, he competed in subsidiary international games, including the 1993 World University games.

Todd entered the MLS draft in it’s first season in 1995. Due to a delayed season, he played for the Richmond Kickers, a USISL Premier Division. That year the kickers won the league and 1995 U.S. Open Cup titles. In the MLS Inaugural Draft, Todd was drafted in the 8th round (71st) overall by the Columbus Crew (where another IU alum now works). He played with the Crew for seven years and retired after the 2002 season.

But Todd didn’t exactly retire. First, he worked in the front office for the Crew as an assistant general manager. He then worked under his father as a non-paid assistant coach in Jerry Yeagley’s last season coaching. Following that he was hired as a full-time assistant coach at Indiana until he was offered a head coaching job at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008. In 2009 he realized that Indiana is much, much better than Madison and took the job as the head coach of the Hoosiers. (not his actual words – or at least it’s not proven. Yet.)

This past season, Todd Yeagley showed Bloomington and the nation that he can in fact fill his prestigious fatherImage‘s shoes by winning his first NCAA National Championship as a head coach in 2012. We look for many, many more to come. Maybe six like his father? We can only hope.