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Kevin Alston, Revolution defender and Hoosier, was recently diagnosed with a rare but treatable leukemia, myelogenous leukemia. He has taken an indefinite leave of absence for treatment, but is expected to return to the team. The amount of support Alston has received from Hoosier nation proves the saying “Once a Hoosier, Always a Hoosier.”


Photo Courtesy of IU Men’s Soccer Twitter Account

Previous players, including players who are too young to have played with him (Eriq Zavaleta), have tweeted sending their prayers to Alston. The Indiana Men’s Soccer twitter account has been retweeting the shout-outs to make the fans aware of the situation.

They even retweeted the New England Revolution’s tweet about the email address that fans can email to send him well wishes and positive thoughts.

This form of support really shows how close knit the program is and that Hoosier Nation continually supports alumnae.