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As the IU Women’s Golf season begins to come to a close, the girls can’t help but bring home a few more trophies!

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This past weekend here in Bloomington the golf team won the Indiana Invitational by three strokes over Kansas.  Toledo, Eastern Michigan, and Ball State also competed this weekend.

The team wasn’t the only one to bring home a trophy, Elizabeth Tong received her third one of the season on Sunday. Tong also won titles this year at the IU Fall Kickoff and the Las Vegas Collegiate Showdown.  There were also many other notiable wins and accomplishments achieved this past weekend.  To view the whole story, click here.

This first video is Head Coach Wallman recapping the first day of the invitational, while the second one is day two recap along with Lauren Harling, the assistant coach.

If you would like to do some traveling this weekend, go see the women compete against Ohio State in Columbus, OH.

Volleyball Update

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Earlier this year, I did blog post on Sherry Dunbar and the IU Volleyball Team which is avaiable here.  Back then, the Fall season was over, so the video I posted was a little outdated.

Previously this week, Jeremy Grey met up with Coach Dunbar.  The following interview gives a recap of last weekend’s tournament in Kentucky as well as the upcoming tournament that is close to home.

If you would like to watch the girls this weekend at the Circle Center Tournament, you will not have to travel far.  They play their first game on Saturday at 9 am in Plainfield, IN.

Photo Courtesy of: replayphotos.con

Photo Courtesy of: replayphotos.con

Will they stay, or will they go?

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Photo credit: Bloomington Herald Times

Personally, I think both are headed to the NBA.

It’s a shame too, as Zeller could clearly benefit from another extra offseason in the Cook Hall weight room and another battle through the B1G gauntlet to prepare him for the pros.

He’s clearly not strong enough, and often disappears for long stretches. Zeller also lacks  the ability to consistently finish strong and make plays at the rim, particularly against big defenders. Zeller should come back, learn how to be more of a leader and demand the ball in tough games.

Oladipo is slightly more ready for the pros, but waiting a year wouldn’t hurt his overall development either. The silver lining on getting bounced in the Sweet Sixteen is that you could argue his draft stock isn’t as high as it would be had Indiana made a run to Atlanta.

Oladipo still needs work on his ball-handling, and tends to be predictable when he attacks the rim, usually going hard-right. He could also use work on his jumpshot, as the sample size this season was too small to declare Victor a lights-out shooter.

While it’s clearly a long-shot at this point, I still think another year in Bloomington wouldn’t hurt, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt Hoosier Nation.

Well I sure don’t, but three Indiana University Women have been picked to participate in a National Team Camp.

According to, this Freshmen camp is for:

athletes with elite level potential and aspirations, but who have only one or perhaps two years of collegiate rowing experience. The goal is to expose the athlete to the National Team experience training two-three times per day, row in a variety of boat categories, learn technical and physiological basics, and train with athletes of a similar caliber. This team camp is for young athletes that have physiological potential and the desire to train for the National Team.

The article proceeds to talk about how this is the first time IU has had three girls chosen for this honor.  Freshman rowers Devory Dannemiller (Martinsville, Ind.) and Madison Treser (Waxford, Pa.), and sophomore coxswain Karly Kikkert (Chicago, Ill.) were the lucky ones chosen for the great opportunity to train with  the World Champions and Olympic gold medalists Anna (Mickelson) Cummins and Mary Whipple this summer.


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The Rowers just got back from their spring trip to Tampa.  The video below is Coach Peterson’s recap of the winter and what the upcoming spring holds.

If you would like to go see our Women in action, go a see them face Georgetown and Kansas this Saturday the 6th.

Practice Makes PERFECT!

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In light of tonight’s game, I thought this was a great look into how our boys are getting ready to take down the Orange from Washington, DC.

Tom Crean and our Hoosiers are set to take on the Syracuse Orange tonight at 9:45.

Lets hope this game is not as close as the game in 1987.

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Coach Looze was very humble in the interview above when he talked about how he thought the IU Women’s Swim Team would do this season.

Looze was pleasantly surprised when his team started to finally come together.  The IU Swim team ended up being 5-4 with huge wins over Kentucky, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue and Louisville.  The girls also placed second in the Big Ten Tournament behind Minnesota.  IU has won 5 of the last 11 Big Ten Championships.

This weekend is the NCAA competition for the girls held in Indianapolis.  Eleven swimmers, 2 divers and three alternates are going to be representing Indiana University.  The teams hopes for its 6th top 10 finish this weekend.  Last year, they placed 13th.

The list below shows all the athletes who will be making the short trip to Indy.

Amy Cozad – Diving
Allie Day – 200 individual medley, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Kate Hillman – Diving
Haley Lips – 500 freestyle, 200 butterfly
Brenna MacLean – 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly
Taylor O’Brien – 500 freestyle, 1,650 freestyle
Cynthia Pammett – 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Bronwyn Pasloski – 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke
Justine Ress – 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Brooklynn Snodgrass – 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke
Ashley Specht – 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke
Dorina Szekeres – 200 individual medley, 400 individual medley, 200 backstroke
Lindsay Vrooman – 200 freestyle, 500 freestyle, 1,650 freestyle
Sara Delay – Relay Alternate
Stephanie Armstrong – Relay Alternate
Siri Kristiansen – Relay Alternate

I wish all the swimmers and divers the best of luck this weekend… make us Hoosiers proud!

If you would like to go to Indianapolis or watch it on TV, visit this website for the most up to date information.

Kelly and Stephanie both were successful tennis players at Indiana University in the late 80s and played together in 1989.  They were also both inducted into the IU Hall of Fame in 2002, but that wasn’t the last time they would compete together.

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Photo Courtesy of:

In 1986, Kelly came to IU from St. Louis.  She was a member on many Big Ten Championship teams as well as many NCAA tournament teams.  She ended her senior year by being named an All American for the second year in a row.  Below, Kelly talks about how much Indiana University means to her.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard about a “dream clause” in a coaching contract before; however it is only reason why Coach Curt Miller is currently the Head Coach of our Indiana Women’s basketball team.

Technically Coach Miller isn’t a “notable alumni,” but I know he will be some day.BGSU-Curt-Miller-MAC-quarterfinals

Coach Miller graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1990 with a degree in physical education and business administration.  While pursuing a Master’s Degree at Kent State, Miller served as a Graduate Assistant for the girls basketball team.  Because of  many friends made through networking opportunities, he ended up landing three assistant Coaching jobs over the course of 10 years including Colorado State, Cleveland State, and Syracuse.

Here is where Curt’s story starts to get interesting.  In 2001, Curt received the Head Coaching job at Bowling Green State University.  During his 11 season there, he managed to rack up a great resume including 8 post season appearances and 6 MAC Coach of the Year Awards.

While in negations with Bowling Green, Curt’s agents urged him to incorporate a “dream school clause” into his contract.  This meant that if any of his “dream schools” offered him Head Coaching job, he could break his contract with Bowling Green without punishment.  Luckily, Indiana was his “dream school,” and the rest is history.

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Coach Curt Miller has already made an impact on IU’s Women’s Basketball progam.  Winning 5 straight games before conference play, just reassured Fred Glass that he indeed made the right decision.

Curt Miller calls this a “rebuilding” year.  He just reciently ended the season with 12 wins, doubling the win total from last year.

I truely believe Coach Miller will turn this program around.  If anyone could do it, I will be him.

The video below shows Coach discussed recruiting, his coaching staff, facilities as well as few other topics.

Photo credit: Holy Turf

Let me preface this by saying I’ve thought Lee Corso was an idiot ever since I heard what he did in 1981.

As head coach at Indiana, Ohio State scored the first touchdown of the game, but proceeded to miss the extra point, leading 6-0. As Corso’s Hoosiers trailed 6-0, they marched down the field and scored to take the lead 7-6. At this point, Corso calls a timeout and has his team assemble under the scoreboard, where he had a photographer take a picture of his team and the score. He wanted evidence that his team was once beating Ohio State.

Woody Hayes proceeded to run up the score on the Hoosiers, winning 47-7. Not so fast, my friend.

Fast-forward to 2013, where Lee Corso still has a job as a host for College Gameday.

Can we please get someone with some actual insight, and not just a circus clown for this upcoming season? Is that too much to ask?

Here are Lee’s best moments on ESPN that consist of expletives, making a fool out of himself, and giving Hoosiers everywhere a bad name. Here’s to you, Lee.