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Kris Dielman

Posted: April 8, 2013 by tklawitt in IU Football
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Kris Dielman was an absolute load at IU. He played offense and defense, playing both tight end and defensive line. Under Cam Cameron, Dielman excelled, particularly as a blocker. He was a huge part to the success of star quarterback Antwaan Randle El.

Dielman went on to earn All-Big Ten honors his junior year, and was an absolute beat on the defensive line after Cam Cameron departed for the NFL and Dielman’s future team, the San Diego Chargers. Dielman was named a captain his senior year, and went on to be undrafted in the 2003 NFL Draft.

He was later signed by the Chargers, and was eventually converted from defensive tackle to offensive guard. Before long, Dielman was a staple on the Chargers offensive line, and was a crucial part to Hall-of-Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson’s record breaking season in 2006.

After that, Dielman went on to four Pro Bowls, and was a two-time All-Pro in 2008 and 2009.

His reputation throughout the NFL was that he was the football equivalent to the “Bash Bros” of the Mighty Ducks, and was the team’s tone-setting enforcer. That carried him to a successful career, but one that was cut short after 9 seasons and multiple injuries.

Dielman suffered numerous concussions, ultimately leading to a seizure on the team plane after leaving the game against the New York Jets in 2011. That would be Dielman’s last NFL game, as he announced his retirement in February of 2012.

This is how freshly graduated Hoosiers Adam Replogle, Larry Black Jr. and Will Matte thought they performed in front of NFL scouts for 2013 Indiana Pro Day at Mellencamp Pavilion.

Replogle tied the combine high for the bench press with 38 reps, and Matte tied for second among centers with 31 reps. They all were satisfied with how they performed, and all three were great leaders at IU. Replogle is an absolute beast, and likely has a legit shot to get picked up. All three are hard workers and can make it at the next level given the right opportunity or circumstance, as coach Kevin Wilson points out:

Here is what the Twitterverse had for IU Pro Day 2013:

adam larry will

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Let me preface this by saying I’ve thought Lee Corso was an idiot ever since I heard what he did in 1981.

As head coach at Indiana, Ohio State scored the first touchdown of the game, but proceeded to miss the extra point, leading 6-0. As Corso’s Hoosiers trailed 6-0, they marched down the field and scored to take the lead 7-6. At this point, Corso calls a timeout and has his team assemble under the scoreboard, where he had a photographer take a picture of his team and the score. He wanted evidence that his team was once beating Ohio State.

Woody Hayes proceeded to run up the score on the Hoosiers, winning 47-7. Not so fast, my friend.

Fast-forward to 2013, where Lee Corso still has a job as a host for College Gameday.

Can we please get someone with some actual insight, and not just a circus clown for this upcoming season? Is that too much to ask?

Here are Lee’s best moments on ESPN that consist of expletives, making a fool out of himself, and giving Hoosiers everywhere a bad name. Here’s to you, Lee.




Dusty Kiel

Posted: March 4, 2013 by tklawitt in IU Football
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Indiana was in a tough spot in 2011 at the quarterback position.

It had a three-headed monster competing for the starting job, including sophomores Dusty Kiel and Ed Wright-Baker along with true freshman Tre Roberson. Wright-Baker won the job out of camp, starting Indiana’s opener in a loss to Ball State at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Kiel appeared in four games, starting two of them. He finished completing 39-82 for 427 yards, with three touchdowns and three interceptions.

Meanwhile his brother, Gunner Kiel, was a five-star prospect and the number one overall quarterback in his class, and had verbally committed to Indiana. After an abysmal 1-11 season for the Hoosiers, Gunner decommitted, and gave his verbal to LSU before ultimately changing his mind again and ending up at Notre Dame.

Like his brother, Dusty also decided to bail on the Hoosiers, leaving the program in January of 2012. Dusty’s career at IU was a very up-and-down, as he started, battled injuries, and struggled at times during games.

Upon his leaving, along with players such as Damarlo Belcher, and eventually Wright-Baker, this was Kevin Wilson’s way of cleaning out the program. Wilson clearly had a vision for where he wanted the program to head, and it’s obviously working, with the Hoosiers improving from 1-11 to 4-8 in 2012. Not to mention, Indiana is picking up some serious steam in recruiting, with 2013 arguably being their best class, certainly on defense, in IU history.

As for Dusty, contrary to what many people reported, he did not transfer from IU. He’s currently working on his dietetics major here in Bloomington, and actually lives with Cameron Coffman, the junior college transfer that played quarterback for the Hoosiers when Roberson went down to injury last season.

Dusty also works at Memorial Stadium for the Indiana University Athlete Food Service.

More on Tandon Doss

Posted: February 5, 2013 by tklawitt in IU Football
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Doss apparently spends free time breaking up fights at burger joints

Tandon Doss made headlines in the news for something off the field as well, and unlike Devan Dumes, he seems to be making the right choices. According to a Yahoo! article from this past summer, Doss broke up a knife fight at a Five Guys in the Baltimore area. How’s that for community service?

He later tweeted,

Jus had to break up a fight at five guys. Baltimore is too ratchet!!!

Now with a Superbowl ring and a broken up fight under his belt, Doss’ next goal should be a Pulitzer Prize. Like Colin Kaepernick, his opponent in Superbowl XLVII, Doss has some serious ink. Get to know a bit more about him and his tattoos here:


Doss returns a punt in the third quarter at M&T Bank Stadium against the Denver Broncos.

Doss returns a punt in the third quarter at M&T Bank Stadium against the Denver Broncos.

Welcome, Tandon Doss, to the club of Indiana Hoosiers with Superbowl rings. Doss is a second-year wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. Raised in Indianapolis, IN (Ben Davis), Doss joins Tracey Porter (Saints) and James Brewer (Giants) as recent Hoosiers to win a Superbowl ring.

This is a nice occurrence for recruiting going forward, as Doss has made a habit of coming back and visiting the past few years, often parading on the sidelines, and sitting right behind the bench at IU home games. Recruits will be drawn to a shiny piece of hardware like that, which is nice, because Doss hails from in-state Ben Davis in Indy.

Doss didn’t have a catch in the game, but did get plenty of pre-game facetime. He finished 2012 with 123 receiving yards and a touchdown, and also returned punts for the Ravens. Doss seemed to get his most action earlier in the season on four and five-wide sets, generally on quick smokes or bubbles out wide. Baltimore fired offensive coordinator Cam Cameron midway through the season, and the offense had changed a bit under Jim Caldwell.

Going forward, who knows where Doss might fit in, especially with the emergence of Jacoby Jones as both a receiver and returner in the Superbowl this past Sunday. But Doss has certainly flashed some talent, and should definitely find a place somewhere in the pros, if not with the Ravens. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit. Nice to have a ring in your second season, though. #iufb