Will they stay, or will they go?

Posted: April 8, 2013 by tklawitt in IU Mens Basketball
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Photo credit: Bloomington Herald Times

Personally, I think both are headed to the NBA.

It’s a shame too, as Zeller could clearly benefit from another extra offseason in the Cook Hall weight room and another battle through the B1G gauntlet to prepare him for the pros.

He’s clearly not strong enough, and often disappears for long stretches. Zeller also lacks  the ability to consistently finish strong and make plays at the rim, particularly against big defenders. Zeller should come back, learn how to be more of a leader and demand the ball in tough games.

Oladipo is slightly more ready for the pros, but waiting a year wouldn’t hurt his overall development either. The silver lining on getting bounced in the Sweet Sixteen is that you could argue his draft stock isn’t as high as it would be had Indiana made a run to Atlanta.

Oladipo still needs work on his ball-handling, and tends to be predictable when he attacks the rim, usually going hard-right. He could also use work on his jumpshot, as the sample size this season was too small to declare Victor a lights-out shooter.

While it’s clearly a long-shot at this point, I still think another year in Bloomington wouldn’t hurt, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt Hoosier Nation.

  1. MissLane8 says:

    I feel like the results are what people want….. Not what they actually think will happen. Everyone would love to see Zeller return, but I think they’re fooling themselves!

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