Who Knows How to Row?

Posted: April 1, 2013 by srcrone in IU Women's Sports
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Well I sure don’t, but three Indiana University Women have been picked to participate in a National Team Camp.

According to iuhoosiers.com, this Freshmen camp is for:

athletes with elite level potential and aspirations, but who have only one or perhaps two years of collegiate rowing experience. The goal is to expose the athlete to the National Team experience training two-three times per day, row in a variety of boat categories, learn technical and physiological basics, and train with athletes of a similar caliber. This team camp is for young athletes that have physiological potential and the desire to train for the National Team.

The article proceeds to talk about how this is the first time IU has had three girls chosen for this honor.  Freshman rowers Devory Dannemiller (Martinsville, Ind.) and Madison Treser (Waxford, Pa.), and sophomore coxswain Karly Kikkert (Chicago, Ill.) were the lucky ones chosen for the great opportunity to train with  the World Champions and Olympic gold medalists Anna (Mickelson) Cummins and Mary Whipple this summer.


Photo Courtesy of: iuhoosiers.com

The Rowers just got back from their spring trip to Tampa.  The video below is Coach Peterson’s recap of the winter and what the upcoming spring holds.

If you would like to go see our Women in action, go a see them face Georgetown and Kansas this Saturday the 6th.


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