Kelly Mulvihill and Stephanie Reece Carry on the IU Tradition

Posted: March 18, 2013 by srcrone in IU Women's Sports
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Kelly and Stephanie both were successful tennis players at Indiana University in the late 80s and played together in 1989.  They were also both inducted into the IU Hall of Fame in 2002, but that wasn’t the last time they would compete together.

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In 1986, Kelly came to IU from St. Louis.  She was a member on many Big Ten Championship teams as well as many NCAA tournament teams.  She ended her senior year by being named an All American for the second year in a row.  Below, Kelly talks about how much Indiana University means to her.

I have the utmost respect for Indiana University and pride for the time that I was a student-athlete. Coach (Lin) Loring gave me not only an opportunity to earn an exceptional education but also an opportunity to compete at the highest level of collegiate tennis. For these opportunities, I am eternally grateful to Coach and the entire staff. Indiana University’s exceptional record of excellence in academics and athletics inspired me to set high goals for myself both in the classroom and on the tennis court. Since IU gave so much to me as an individual, I sought to represent Indiana University and my team with dignity and sportsmanship. I am truly honored to have been a student-athlete at Indiana University.

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Stephanie began her IU career during the 1989s.  She played with Kelly for only one year.  During her four years in Bloomington, the Indianapolis native racked up multiple awards including 4 first team All Big Ten.  She also was an All American in both singles and doubles.  Stephanie also participated in the NCAA tournament in singles and doubles all four years.  Since graduation, she has competed at the French Open, US Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon.  After Stephanie was inducted into the IU Hall of Fame, she showed how mach she truly loved Indiana University.

Indiana University has meant so much to me over my lifetime. Having had both parents attend IU, I grew up coming to IU football and basketball games. I always felt something special at IU before, during, and after college. The opportunity to represent IU in tennis was very unique and a special experience. Wearing red and white was a great source of pride for me. I always gave 100 percent to my tennis and studies because I felt having a scholarship was a gift and I didn’t want to let down the team, myself, or IU. Indiana University was all around the best place for me to study and further my tennis. Two of my very best friends in life were my teammates for three years at IU. The bond we share is very important to me. When I was on tour and today, living in the East, I am always proud to tell people where I am from and more proud when they ask me where I went to school to tell them “Indiana University.” IU has meant many things at different times to me. Pride, dedication, commitment, and loyalty are the most important things that Indiana has meant and taught me. Planning to visit Indiana is also very special because it allows me to briefly relive a very exciting and wonderful time in my life.

The Hoosier alums met once more before the Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the 1998 All-American Championships; however they weren’t competing against each other; they were competing with each other and ended up winning the whole thing.


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