From Hoosier, to Olympic Medalist, to Diabetes Hero

Posted: March 9, 2013 by kelseyray in IU Men's Swimming

In 1982, Gary Hall was inducted into the IU Hall of Fame.  And rightfully so.  He won 13 Big Ten, eight NCAA and 15 AAU titles.  He was twice the world Swimmer of the Year and an Olympian in 1968,1972 and 1976.  Hall held three world records along with being recognized as the Sullivan Award Winner.

gary hall

At IU, Hall swam for famous coach Doc Counsilman.  He specialized in the individual medley. Many note Halls as “the fastest swimmer alive”.

Halls was accepted for medical school at the University of Cincinnati.  He later became an ophthalmologist, and practiced in Phoenix, Arizona.

Halls became  a local celebrity in Phoenix.  He himself appears at his office’s television ads, and he also is on his office’s billboard campaigns.

gary hall 2

His son, Gary Hall, Jr., has become a famous Olympic swimmer as well, starting in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, getting various gold medals at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.  With his son’s participation at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece,  the Halls became the first pair of father and son to make three Olympic appearances.


Today, Hall is in Seattle,  pursuing a post-athletic career in providing U.S. medical and dental supplies to what he hopes will become an exploding market in China and Europe.

It’s apart of his devotion to combating the effects of diabetes, which he was diagnosed with himself at the peak of his swimming career a decade ago.

Even after being diagnosed with diabetes, not only did Hall keep swimming, he improved, winning gold medals in the 50-meter freestyle, swimming’s hotshot drag race, in both Sydney and Athens.

He is now active in the national and local diabetic community, serving on medical boards and foundations that work to prevent the disease, particularly in children.

Hall and his son own and operate The Race Club summer swim camps in Florida.  The Race Club provides facilities, swimming techniques coaching, swimming training programs, technical instruction, swimming technique videos, fitness and health programs for swimmers of all ages and abilities.  To be able to train with The Race Club, one must either have been ranked in the top 20 in the world the past 3 calendar years.



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