Dream School Clause?

Posted: March 7, 2013 by srcrone in IU Women's Sports
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard about a “dream clause” in a coaching contract before; however it is only reason why Coach Curt Miller is currently the Head Coach of our Indiana Women’s basketball team.

Technically Coach Miller isn’t a “notable alumni,” but I know he will be some day.BGSU-Curt-Miller-MAC-quarterfinals

Coach Miller graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1990 with a degree in physical education and business administration.  While pursuing a Master’s Degree at Kent State, Miller served as a Graduate Assistant for the girls basketball team.  Because of  many friends made through networking opportunities, he ended up landing three assistant Coaching jobs over the course of 10 years including Colorado State, Cleveland State, and Syracuse.

Here is where Curt’s story starts to get interesting.  In 2001, Curt received the Head Coaching job at Bowling Green State University.  During his 11 season there, he managed to rack up a great resume including 8 post season appearances and 6 MAC Coach of the Year Awards.

While in negations with Bowling Green, Curt’s agents urged him to incorporate a “dream school clause” into his contract.  This meant that if any of his “dream schools” offered him Head Coaching job, he could break his contract with Bowling Green without punishment.  Luckily, Indiana was his “dream school,” and the rest is history.


Photo Courtesy of indianapublicmedia.org

Coach Curt Miller has already made an impact on IU’s Women’s Basketball progam.  Winning 5 straight games before conference play, just reassured Fred Glass that he indeed made the right decision.

Curt Miller calls this a “rebuilding” year.  He just reciently ended the season with 12 wins, doubling the win total from last year.

I truely believe Coach Miller will turn this program around.  If anyone could do it, I will be him.

The video below shows Coach discussed recruiting, his coaching staff, facilities as well as few other topics.


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