The Name on the Front

Posted: March 4, 2013 by MissLane8 in IU Mens Basketball
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As an Indiana fan and student, it’s never hard for me to tell which players are on the court during an IUBB game. I can see, however, how it could be frustrating for other people to not be able to rely on printed last names to identify players.

Indiana has stood firm on their decision not to put players’ names on the back of the game day jerseys and I don’t see that choice changing anytime soon.

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Since the beginning, IU has never had names on their jerseys. The idea was that the player should be playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. This set the bar for IUBB to play as a team, not a group of individual superstars.

This is the main reason I prefer college ball over the NBA. In the NBA, the debate is always about the best player in the league, not the best team. In college, it’s about loyalty. It’s about winning for your alma mater. Indiana fights to keep it this way and keeping individuals names off the jerseys is just one way of supporting that.

The athletic department is persistent about consistency. The style has had few minor changes throughout the years, but Indiana definitely has a look they’re known for.

One can only hope the staff sticks to their guns and avoids the new jerseys Adidas has unveiled.

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Camouflage? Sleeves? Really?

Let’s stick to the candy stripes for our pattern and do something Indiana players have always done well, play for the name on the front.


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