It’s Never Too Late.

Posted: March 4, 2013 by srcrone in IU Women's Sports
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After Kristen Kane jumped off the diving board at the town pool that one sunny afternoon, she never turned back.
Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

While Kane was in 7th grade, she visited her town pool quite frequently.  She swam around the shallow end while also doing tricks off the diving board; however one day, someone suggested that she join the local diving team.  After 6 years of training privately and competing for her high school, she finally was ready to move up to the college level.

She applied to many different universities, but no one knew who she was.  She never competed nationally because of her late start to diving.  After hearing back from many schools, Indiana University was the only one to give her any sort of scholarship.

Once Kane got to Bloomington, everything started fitting together and before she left in 1994, she had achieved many honors.  She won 3-meter Big Ten championships in 1992 and 1994 and on the 10-meter platform in 1992. She was Big Ten Diver of the Year in 1992 and 1994, and each year she was named IU’s Female Athlete of the Year as well as all-American all four years.

Kane didn’t just want to win for all the fame and glory, she wanted to win to better herself as a person.  She explains this below in the quote taken from the IDS Newspaper article about her.

I always wanted to do my best regardless of how that compared to others or ranking scales or whatever. I wanted to win to prove to myself I could. A year, five years, 10 years from today, who will remember who won what? Me. While it’s great to win,the real winning is bettering yourself and striving to achieve your goals.

Kristen Kane qualified for the U.S. Pan American team in 1994.  Kane wasn’t just known at the collegiate level any more, she was known world-wide.

In 2011, Kane was inducted into the Indiana University Academic Hall of Fame.  Kane was very grateful to be inducted.  She comments on this great honor in the quote below.

I feel a bit out of my league and surprised to be acknowledged with such a class of athletes. All in all, though, I am extremely honored, and this allows me to take a moment of pride to know that my hard work and accomplishments were, and continue to be, recognized by others.

Obviously, it wasn’t too late for Kristen Kane.  Even though she decided to start competitively diving at a late age, she still succeeded because of her hard work and dedication to the sport.


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