Early Big Break

Posted: March 4, 2013 by sabeeson in IU Men's Soccer
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Even after having a perceptively unmatched high school career, Indiana University Alum never got his big break.

First and foremost, you should be aware of Snow’s high school accomplishments. This talented, young star scored in 47 consecutive matches. I can only imagine how many season that encompasses. He is ranked second after his brother Steve on Illinois High School Association’s list of consecutive matches scored in. The gene must run in this family.

That’s not his only impression on the state of Illinois. In the entire state, Snow is ranked #9 in career goals with 128. He is also #16 in the state for season goal scoring list with 49 goals.

Following his high school domination, Snow played for the Hoosiers, where he finished his career with 84 goals, 28 assists, and a school record of 196 points. Snow was a four-time, first-team All American and won the NCAA Men’s Soccer Championship in 1988.

From here it was all a struggle. He played for six teams in five different leagues over his career, but was never able to break into the MLS. Even after playing two games with the US National Team, Snow could never get a break.

snow soccer

Photo Courtesy of kensnowsoccer.com

Currently, Snow has a Goal Scoring Camp in parts of Indiana and Illinois. For more information on his camps visit www.kensnowsoccer.com.


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