Where would IU Women’s Sports be without Leanne Grotke?

Posted: February 18, 2013 by srcrone in IU Women's Sports
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Leanne Grotke ushered in the era of women’s varsity sports at IU.

Photo Courtesy of: iuhoosiers.com

Photo Courtesy of: iuhoosiers.com

Leanne Grotke wasn’t just an Alumni here at Indiana University, she was key in the growth of the Indiana Women’s sports.  Grotke graduated Indiana in 1966 after achieving her Masters.  In 1972-1979, she served as the coordinator of IU women’s athletics and Director of Women’s Sports.  Grotke spent 26 years around Women’s sports; whether it be with Indiana or California State, she made a difference.

Indiana University thanked her by creating the Leanne Grotke Award that “perpetuates the ideals Leanne Grotke Andreas embodied in her years serving Indiana University as a trailblazer and pioneer leader for women’s athletics.” This honor is awarded to a person whose service has made exceptionally outstanding contributions to Indiana University’s Women’s Athletics Program. It is the highest honor of its kind given by the university.

Indiana University also inducted Grotke into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 2012.  Her acceptance speech is featured below.

So where would IU Women’s Sports be with out her?

Nowhere.  Grotke ushered in change to a program that needed help.  She transformed the Women’s Athletic Program for the better.


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