Knowing When to Stick it Out

Posted: February 18, 2013 by MissLane8 in IU Mens Basketball
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It was a tough decision, but choosing to stay at IU for the rest of his college career was one of the best one’s Tom Coverdale has made. Getting only 41 minutes of playing time his entire freshman season under Bob Knight had to have been frustrating and I’m sure transferring was at the front of Coverdale’s mind.

Photo Credit: AOL News

Photo Credit: AOL News

Photo Courtesy of Herald Times

Photo Courtesy of Herald Times

It wasn’t until Mike Davis took over as head coach that Coverdale’s talent was truly appreciated. In the next three years he led the team to a NCAA Final Four appearance, several big time upsets (including no. 3 Duke), and being second in 3-pointers made.

From there, Coverdale played a year in the now dormant CBA (Continental Basketball Association) for the Rockford Lightning. His next adventure was overseas where he played a year for a team in Germany.

This time around Coverdale knew his best decision was to not stick it out in a strange, foreign lane so he returned to his home state of Indiana. Once a Hoosier always a Hoosier, right?

Just six months later, His next big decision led him all the way to Northern Louisiana. He was the Assistant Coach at Louisiana- Monroe from 2006-2009. He was then named Assistant Coach at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas.

Eventually Coverdale’s basketball career came to a halt. He currently works as an Agent at Shepherd Insurance and Financial Services. It’s a sad day when a player and coach has to settle down and say goodbye to a career in the basketball industry, but if there’s one good thing about Coverdale’s new gig it’s that it brought him back to his roots.

Coverdale’s new office job has him living in Fishers, Indiana. Sounds to me like he’s ready for some consistency in every Hoosier’s first love, Indiana.

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