One and Never Done

Posted: February 11, 2013 by MissLane8 in IU Mens Basketball
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Eric Gordon was pursued adamantly by– dare I even say his name on an IU blog– Kelvin Sampson,  makes me cringe, too, don’t worry. You would think with all the trouble the IU coaching staff went through for this 2007 recruit that he would stay longer.

Still, the 2007 Indiana high school “Mr. Basketball” served IU well in his one season with the team. Gordon averaged 20.9 points, making him the first freshman in Indiana history to average over 20.

The Hoosiers were sad to hear the possibility of their inevitable break up with Gordon when he declared he was entering the 2008 NBA Draft. He was among a total of 5 athletes in the first “one and done” class (2007-08).

The Los Angeles Clippers scored Gordon with the 7th pick. Little did they know they were drafting the future record holder for most points scored by a rookie (41 pts) and NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month in January 2009.

He stayed with the Clippers for 3 seasons before he was traded to the New Orleans Hornets, who we will soon all know as the “Pelicans.” That’s another story in itself.

Between injuries, Gordon has been very successful in New Orleans and is still currently playing there. He’s still averaging 20+ points per game regardless of how much playing time he actually gets.

And if there’s one more thing he’s known for, it’s coming through under pressure. Gordon has sank several last minute, game winning shots from the beginning for Indiana, the Clippers, and now the Hornets.

Gordon has accomplished a lot, but he never forgets where he comes from. Once a player enters the NBA, loyalty is hard to come by. Through trades and salary raises, an athlete could switch teams at any time. Though he only stayed at IU for one year, Gordon’s Twitter bio still reads,

“Shooting Guard for the New Orleans Hornets, Gold Medalist at the 2010 FIBA World Championships and INDIANA HOOSIER”

That’s right my fellow Hoosiers, all caps.


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