Antwaan Randle El Inducted Into IU Hall of Fame

Posted: February 11, 2013 by tklawitt in IU Football
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Antwaan Randle El is nothing short of Indiana Football’s finest. An NFL star, Super Bowl champion, class act, and Hoosier legend, Randle El was an inductee into the class of 2012 Indiana University Athletics Hall of Fame. At Indiana, Randle El played not only football, but basketball under coach Bob Knight, along with baseball, making Randle El probably the most well-rounded athlete in IU history.

Throw Randle El a ball, and watch what he does with it. His induction was inevitable, and is finally here, and it’s great to see a Hoosier legend get recognized for doing it right on the field, and off the field. Hopefully he continues to set the standard for future Hoosiers, and comes back around more often.

Randle El was drafted out of high school to play pro baseball by the Chicago Cubs, yet declined and opted to play football even though he was continually told he was too small. He decided to attend Indiana, where he would go on to write the Indiana record books. Randle El became the first player in NCAA Division-I history to throw for 40 touchdowns and rush for 40 touchdowns in a career. He was named most valuable player of the Big Ten Conference in 2001, and finished fifth all-time on the NCAA Division-I yardage list. Randle El was also the first player in college football history to total at least 2,500 yards in four consecutive seasons.

Randle El also has a sense of humor, claiming that coach Knight refused to call him Antwaan Randle El:

“He told me your name is too long, so from now on you’re just Randy”

Randle El was the best, and has had some truly memorable moments on the field. Who could forget Randle El’s touchdown pass in Superbowl XL, the only touchdown pass thrown by a wide receiver in Super Bowl history. Currently, retired from the NFL, Randle El is working for the Big Ten Network as an analyst. Keep repping the Hoosiers, Antwaan.


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