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Posted: February 4, 2013 by MissLane8 in IU Mens Basketball
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It’s unfortunate how it takes 10 positive things to outweigh just 1 negative one. I’m not sure how many good deeds in the hole that leaves IU’s former Devan Dumes, but it’s not looking good.

Devan Dumes has recently been charged on 2 different accounts. The first he opened unrelenting fire on a household of innocent people, two of the people in the house were infants. The affidavit says 14 bullet shells were found on the scene. FOURTEEN.

The second charge was for not only attempted murder, but also carjacking and theft! After shooting another man in the neck, I think it’s safe to conclude that things have not gotten better for Devan Dumes after his days at IU.

Throughout his college career, Dumes played at a total of three colleges, Eastern Michigan, Vincennes, and Indiana.

Dumes Vincennes Dumes IU Dumes Current

Just is his time at IU, he earned a reputation of being one of Crean’s most “passionate” players; and by passionate, writers and commentators meant aggressive and angry. The team needed someone like him, yes. They needed him to bring life and drive to a team that had been stuck on losing mode, but at times he took it too far and now many of us just know him as “the guy who threw bows” if we remember him at all.

It’s hard to say negative things about athletes, even the former ones, but what’s even worse is that Dumes isn’t just dragging himself down. For some reason, universities and organizations get bashed for how their previous, and really, current, players or members act. It’s not like IU told him to do any of the illegal and/or immoral actions. That was all Dumes.

Headlines read things like:

“Former Eastern Michigan player Devan Dumes charged…” –Detroit Free Press


“Ex-Indiana University basketball team started Devan Dumes faces…” –RTV6

Indiana shouldn’t have to take a hit for this shooting guard who focused a little too much on his shooting than on his guarding.

  1. ben says:

    bad break for a good kid

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