From Hoosier to Olympian, A glance at an IU Olympian Swimmer

Posted: January 28, 2013 by kelseyray in IU Men's Swimming

Not everyone gets the opportunity to be an Indiana Hoosier, and even less can say that they have competed in the Olympics.  One thing is for sure, Florida raised and IU graduate Nick Schwab did much more than just splash around during his time in Bloomington.

Schwab was one of three Hoosiers that competed in the London Olympics this summer.  Schwab represented the Dominican Republic at the games.  The Dominican Republic is his mother’s native country.


In the 2011 FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China, he wont hit heat and placed 47th overall in the 200-meter freestyle.  In London, he was coached by IU’s Ray Looze.

Schwab represented cream and crimson well, placing 37th overall in the men’s 200 freestyle and winning his heat.

Some might say that the ways of the water have been placed in Schwab’s genes as his father, Mark Schwab, swam for Michigan University in his day.


On top of his win, it can’t be forgotten that Schwab broke a national record and won his first major gold in the 400

meter freestyle at the Central American and  Caribbean Swimming Championships.

Schwab was sure to say that walking in the opening ceremony for the Dominican Republic’s team was the most amazing experience of his life.

Schwab’s accomplishments mean much to the Dominican Republic, and say a lot about the Hoosiers too.  Coach Looze said that there are other current IU swimmers just as qualified to make the Olympics.

Multiple current and former students fought for a chance at the Olympics.  Luckily for current swimmers, Schwab set a high mark for Hoosiers and future Olympians to come.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but very few swim around being IU alumni as well as Olympic athletes.  Watch out Phelps, Nick Schwab spent his time at Indiana… And he continues to swim his way to the top.


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