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Posted: January 26, 2013 by MissLane8 in IU Mens Basketball
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ImageThe beginning of Verdell Jones III’s college basketball career was anything but a vacation. He and Tom Crean shared rookie seasons during a rough time for Hoosier Basketball. During their first three seasons together the team couldn’t seem to pull a winning record. With the help of a few top notch recruits, the hard work from the last three years paid off and Indiana basketball was back!

Finishing in the Sweet Sixteen in the 2012 NCAA Tournament, the future was looking bright for the Hoosiers. And despite an injury to his right knee (an ACL tear), the future was looking bright for Verdell, too.

Next stop on Jones’ trip around the world was Athens, Greece. Peristeri GS was a team willing to work with him on treating his knee and getting him back to a game ready state. They knew how he played and trusted that he would be at that point again in no time.  Here’s Jones’ comment on the team’s faith in him:

“I had a lot of teams that were interested, but they weren’t going to risk paying a guy coming off an ACL injury all this money. It’s really a blessing for this opportunity to come up.”

He only stayed with the team for three months (late August-late November) before he switched teams. Next stop: Oita, Japan.

Taking his talents to the Oita Heat Devils, Jones was in for a culture shock. He says,

“It’s different. The language barrier tends to be a constant issue but I have been learning some of the language. Practices are much easier than Coach Crean’s, but I’m enjoying traveling the world and getting paid to do it.”


Looking back it’s crazy to see how his basketball career has progressed. Jones is among the Heat Devils’ top players and he deserves it. We Hoosiers know him for being a team player and giving up the ball when someone else has a better shot, Wat Shot anyone? Yes, Verdell Jones III was the real play maker there. Sorry, that never gets old.

The Heat Devils have their next games today (1-26) and tomorrow (1-27) against Takamatsu, also in Japan.

Keep up with Verdell by his Twitter, @Vj3_217. Don’t worry, it’s still in English…..for now!

  1. Jeff Johnson says:

    Nice story. Go Verdell!

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